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All the experiences you need to create your edge are built into your four years here.

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What kind of impact do you want to make on the world around you?
Economics and EngineeringEconomics + Engineering

Since 2008, Lafayette's Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project has collaborated with several Honduran villages to improve their economies. In Lagunitas, students and faculty helped build a 30,000-plant coffee plantation and facilitated a trade agreement between the farmers and the Honduran Coffee Board. In El Convento, they worked with the community to establish cocoa-growing operations.

Cross-Train Your Brain

Intellectual cross-training and the skills it brings define our students and graduates. The ability to combine your interests and collaborate with others across fields makes a Lafayette education especially powerful.


Cross-Train Your Brain

Foreign Language and Music and Art Foreign Language + Music + Art
Foreign Language and Music and Art

In a study-abroad course on the small Indonesian island of Bali, students learned how Balinese spirituality is intimately connected to to the arts. The group experienced traditional dance, music, mask making, and shadow puppetry, among other arts. Students first were audience members, then gradually moved toward more participatory workshops. In one memorable experience, they were invited to a family compound for the “awakening” of a new temple.

Biology and Art Biology + Art
Biology and Art

While the College offers degrees in 49 majors across four divisions, it also gives students the option to design their own major with faculty guidance. Students tailor a curriculum to fit their own academic interests and educational goals. For example, Danielle Sobol ’12 designed her own major, the biological and artistic study of form and function in the human body, which helped prepare her for medical school.

Since high school, Jared Katz ’12 has been interested in history and how past people lived day to day. His self-designed major in archaeology was the perfect fit, combining his enthusiasm for the past with the chance to travel and work on sites thousands of years old. Khadija Abdel Hafiz-Sokaria ’12 created a major in Arabic studies and spent a semester at The American University in Cairo. A self-designed major in the cultures of global ecology brought Sarah Swienckowski-Eckhart ’13 to Santa Barbara, where she interned for The Pacific Coast Business Times.

Engineering and Liberal Arts Engineering + Liberal Arts
Engineering and LIberal Arts

Three students traveled to Haiti to improve access to clean water for families in the village of Monchil. Through the Grand Challenges program, history major Sarah Nusbaum ’13, English and psychology double major Madeleine O’Neill ’13, and mechanical engineering major Jessica Rothstein ’13 worked with Community Coalition for Haiti to introduce a water filtration system that removes turbidity and treats pathogens.

Lafayette’s Grand Challenges Scholars provide innovative solutions to complex problems through contributions from both engineering and the liberal arts. Each team receives a summer research stipend of $3,000 per student, a budget of up to $3,000 for project expenses, and on-campus summer housing after junior year. Students also receive funding to participate in a national summit.

Africana Studies and Economics Africana Studies + Economics
Africana Studies and Economics

Lafayette is a national leader in offering short-term study abroad. For example, 17 students experienced the cultural and religious dynamics of Kenya in a January study-abroad course led by two Lafayette professors. They studied Swahili language and culture and Maa culture and social and religious change. Samburu and Maasai elders visited to answer questions from the students, who also had a two-night homestay with Maasai families.

Physics and Music Physics + Music
Physics and Music

With his tenor sax in hand, Michael Pinkard '14 can be seen performing with the Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo, and at Gilbert’s Cafe. He’s interested in another kind of music as well, the music of the cosmos. “We understand only about one-twentieth of the observable universe,” he says. “The rest of it—dark matter, dark energy—is still mostly a mystery.” In order to identify that dark matter and dark energy, you need a really big antenna, like the one at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Pinkard got to see the antenna up close with another student and physics professor Lyle Hoffman, and to use it for research.

“It was one of the best experiences of my life,” says Pinkard, who presented research with Hoffman at the meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Austin, Texas. “We were out exploring Arecibo and stargazing every night, hardly sleeping because we had so much to do together in such a short time.”

International Affairs and English International Affairs + English
International Affairs and English

Rebeka Ramangamihanta ’16 still has a hard time believing she’s living her dream of studying in America. “Sometimes I look in the mirror and say, ‘Is it really true?’” says the first high school student to complete Lafayette Initiative for Malagasy Education (LIME) and attend college in the United States. “Without this program I would not be where I am today.”

LIME helps Malagasy students pursue their dreams of receiving a college education at an American school. For the past three winter breaks, a team has traveled to Madagascar to work with students from the Lycee Andohalo public high school.

Broadcasting and Policy Studies Broadcasting + Policy Studies

For several months, dozens of students with majors ranging from geology to government & law to music worked to produce a two-hour, live Election Night broadcast shown on PBS 39. “As a class, we learned how to operate cameras, write scripts, interview, and edit all through doing,” says Maddie Laskoski ’13. “Lafayette has given us an amazing opportunity, and I am so grateful to be able to participate.”

GameGlowb Engineering + Liberal Arts
Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

Eight students representing engineering and liberal arts majors came together to form a simulated company and use piezo-electric and light-emitting diode technologies in a recreational, educational, and rehabilitation device. It’s a pilot effort for the type of design projects envisioned for Lafayette’s new Center for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.

The team created what they call the GameGlowb. It works by using a piezo beam to generate a charge from human motion. The charge is stored in a capacitor and once the capacitor is full, it discharges, lighting red LEDs and sounding a buzzer.

+ One of the most beautiful campuses in the country
Have Cur Non Impact

The Marquis de Lafayette’s motto, Cur Non (“Why not?”), is our rallying cry. It means anything is possible here. Why not have the courage and confidence to take risks, connect ideas, and make a difference in the world?

Cur Non Impact

Cur non Impact


Why Not...

Work with a professor to research a method of using solar energy to produce fuel?

Provide financial consulting to companies on four continents within your first three months after graduation?

Improve electronic trading at New York Stock Exchange Euronext during an alumni-sponsored internship?

Analyze the mechanics of softball players’ swings using body-sensor technology?

Help design housing programs for young parents?

Take a class with a professor whose documentary film work includes the Emmy Award-winning HBO series The Pacific?

Write, perform, and record a rock album for your honors thesis?


Justin Hines, assistant professor of chemistry, and a team of students are conducting experiments that could lead to greater knowledge about diseases like Mad Cow, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Proteins that misfold into a particular shape, called “amyloids,” are associated with various diseases. Those that prevent and combat the misfolding of other proteins are called “chaperone” proteins. By exploring how chaperone proteins recognize and deal with amyloids in yeast, Hines and his team hope to find better ways of combating them in people.

Have Cur Non Impact

Cur Non, family motto of the Marquis de Lafayette, means "Why not?" It's our rallying cry at Lafayette College. Why not use your intellect, talent, energy, and humanity to find your place in the world and make an impact? Why not have the courage and confidence to take risks, connect ideas, and care deeply about community? Why not engage in every aspect of campus life - leadership, internships, clubs, service, research, athletics, global study - to create your own destiny? Why not have the courage and confidence to take risks, connect ideas, and care deeply about community? Why not take pride in working hard and achieving results?

Interning with the New York Islanders

Michael Kelley '14 talks about his summer internship with the New York Islanders in group sales, ticket operations, merchandising, and communications, which was made possible by a stipend provided by Lafayette's Office of Career Services.

Filmmaking Film + Media Studies + International Affairs

Working with an accomplished filmmaker gave Daniela Filip ’15 a big boost in fulfilling her dream of becoming a filmmaker herself. A double major in film & media studies and international affairs, she edited video, collected research, acquired permissions for shooting footage, and performed other work as an EXCEL Scholar with Nandini Sikand, assistant professor of film & media studies. Her biggest project was creating a short film from footage of Sikand performing Indian classical dance in the streets of New York.

“Definitely one of the best parts of this was getting hands-on experience with the editing,” says Filip. “It’s a little artistic. It’s like painting a picture.”

+ Our graduate success story in numbers
Lafayette is a national leader among all colleges and universities in graduation rates, undergraduate research, global experience, and graduate median starting salaries.

95% of Lafayette grads are employed, in grad school or in internships within 6 months after graduation.


We rank third among top liberal arts colleges in median starting salary.


40% of our graduates in the most recent year found their jobs through campus recruiting and our alumni network.

We surpass the norms in so many areas because we have remarkable university-size resources devoted entirely to you - the undergraduate.
EXCEL Scholars
EXCEL Scholars
EXCEL Scholars

EXCEL Scholars

Lafayette dedicates over $600,000 annually for students from all four academic divisions to work closely with faculty on research projects that expand the boundaries of knowledge. Participants receive income as well as experience that helps when applying for jobs and graduate school. Some students coauthor papers with their faculty mentors in academic journals and/or present their work at conferences.

Make Big Use of Big Resources

One of the highest endowment-per-student rates means ample resources to bring the best faculty here, to provide the best facilities, to fund many clubs and groups, and to fuel student research, study abroad, internships, and field work.

Big Use of Big Resources

Make Big Use of Big Resources

78% By their senior year, 78% of students have participated in an externship, internship, or other field experience.

Five Lafayette College students discuss the summer internships they served in New York City. The employers were the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Islanders, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, Credit Suisse, and the Museum of Natural History. Some internships were hosted by Lafayette alumni and others were made possible through a stipend provided by Career Services.

D1 Athletics Division I Athletics
Program Facilities

A Patriot League Best

According to the latest NCAA report, Lafayette ranks third in the nation in student-graduation success rate. In the most recent year, 16 of Lafayette's 23 sports received recognition from the NCAA Division I Academic Performance Program, epitomizing the Patriot League ideal of the student-athlete. The Patriot League was second to only the Ivy League for overall teams awarded for academic honors.

"Great career services, due to close ties with alumni." Princeton Review Best 377 Colleges (2013)
Career Services

Lafayette is a national leader in career development. Our Gateway program outlines strategic steps for students of any major and at any stage of the career search to prepare for life after graduation. Staff help students explore options, gain experience, and plan for the future. A strong alumni network hosts students at workplaces through internships and externships as well as provides students advice to help prepare for fulfilling and successful lives.

According to, Lafayette ranks third in median starting salaries and sixth in net 30-year return on investment among liberal arts colleges.

Global Study Global Study

More than half of Lafayette students study abroad for a semester, summer, January/May Interim, or on short service trips. Where do you want your global learning to take you? Environmental science in New Zealand? Theater in London? Civil engineering in Germany? Geology in the Galapagos Islands? Art and economics in Egypt?

Living Learning Communities
Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities offer fulfilling educational opportunities outside the classroom. Students create and implement their own programs, events, and informal learning opportunities around the house theme under the guidance of their faculty sponsor (who does not live in the house) and with the support of Residence Life staff. They have a budget for core programming as well as large-scale events for the whole campus.

Based on student interest, community themes include Chinese, classical civilizations, community-based learning and research, economics and society, food, French, Hispanic Society of Lafayette, interfaith/religious studies, kaleidoscope, mathematics, technology, theater, and Wall Street.

Creative & Performing Arts Fellowships Creative & Performing Arts Fellowships
Creative & Perfoming Arts Fellowships

Creative & Performing Arts Fellowships

Lyn Nguyen ’15 wrote the play On the Way, a Philadelphia Young Playwrights festival winner, which explores the lives of a Vietnamese family after the Vietnam War. She’s among more than 25 recipients of Lafayette’s Creative and Performing Arts Fellowship, students from diverse academic backgrounds who are pursuing projects that range from writing to studio art to theater to music. The fellowship provides up to $7,500 over four years to those with a record of achievement in creative and performing arts.

Forming a community of artists on campus, CaPA fellows meet regularly as a group and individually with a faculty artist to discuss their work and art in general. They help organize arts-based events and activities on campus and also travel to New York City to see performances and visit galleries and museums.


Recent Internships

Recent Internships

30 Rock
American Diabetes Association
American Institute for Economic Research
BET Networks
Bloomberg L.P.
Boston Consulting Group
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Comedy Central
Credit Suisse
Elle Magazine
Global X Games, ESPN
Johnson & Johnson
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio
Pfizer New York Global
Philadelphia Phillies
U.S. District Judge

Stellar Professor–Mentors

Our students’ talent and intellectual curiosity help Lafayette attract influential thinkers to our faculty. Lafayette’s culture of mentoring has led us to have one of the highest percentages of students working with faculty on research.

Rossman Mechanical Engineering

Jenn Rossmann, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, published a study with one of her students on Wiffle ball aerodynamics in the American Journal of Physics. That led to an appearance in Yard Work, a documentary that offers an inside look into the wacky world of professional Wiffle Ball and its championship game, played each year in Texas.

20 percent
Lafayette is increasing the size of the faculty by 20 percent and decreasing the student-to-faculty ratio from 11:1 to 10:1.

Alix Ohlin English
Alix Ohlin

Alix Ohlin


English professor Alix Ohlin was a finalist for two literary awards for her latest novel, Inside, about three people whose lives intersect in unexpected ways over the course of a decade. It’s been featured as book of the week on the O Magazine website. Her work has received praise from media ranging from the Boston Globe to Entertainment Weekly to Marie Claire. Ohlin shares her experience to bring out the best in student writers, including two who created book-length story collections under her guidance.

Kira Lawrence Geosciences
Kira Lawrence

Kira Lawrence


How warm will the Earth become in the future? That’s what Kira Lawrence, associate professor of geology and environmental geosciences, seeks to determine in research with Lafayette students on estimating sea surface temperatures from the Pliocene, an epoch thought to have begun roughly 5 million years ago. She is continuing work conducted in collaboration with peers at several universities and published in Nature, one of the most prestigious science journals in the world.

Ed Gamber Economics
Areas of Expertise

Ed Gamber


As a forecaster for the Congressional Budget Office, economics professor Ed Gamber became interested in the role forecasts play in policy decisions. Collaborating with other professors and students, he’s researching the Federal Reserve’s decisions about monetary policy. “My primary mission is to teach students to be lifelong learners and to develop an insatiable hunger for understanding the world around them,” he says. “When students become involved in research, they move beyond asking, ‘What do I need to know?’ and start asserting, ‘I need to know.’”

Donald Miller History
Donald Miller

Donald L. Miller


Donald L. Miller’s Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany will be the primary source for HBO’s newest World War II miniseries. An award-winning author and WWII expert, Miller is the chief historical consultant and is helping write the master script for the Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg-produced series, also called Masters of the Air. As in many of Miller’s projects, students played a key role in the development of the book, performing duties such as locating photographs, fact checking, proofreading, and critiquing it.

Kirk O’Riordan Music
Kirk O’Riordan

Kirk O’Riordan


A professional composer and saxophonist, professor Kirk O’Riordan says music is as crucial to his life as breathing. He is at work on his newest CD, Strange Flowers. O’Riordan founded the Contemporary Music Ensemble to challenge the most motivated and experienced student instrumental players. As director of Concert Band, he began a program to develop student assistant conductors, who get more podium experience than most undergrad conducting students at large music schools. O’Riordan trusts his students enough to give them some of the most difficult, abstract, and even strange music to play because, he says, he knows they will give their best effort every time.

James Ferri Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
James Ferri

James Ferri

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

James Ferri, professor and head of chemical and biomolecular engineering, has received a Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award for accomplishment in scholarly research with undergraduates and teaching. He will receive $60,000 over five years, which he will use to continue to engage his students with contemporary issues in the chemical sciences as well as collaborate with researchers in Germany and Italy. Many of his students have presented their research at national and international conferences and have received national honors.

Bob Kurt Biology
Bob Kurt

Bob Kurt


Since 2000, biology professor Bob Kurt has secured more than $1 million in grants to chart new directions in understanding cancer, specifically breast tumors. He and student researchers have investigated how the immune system interacts with specific receptors on tumor cells. They have found that manipulating these receptors both inhibited and grew tumors. Kurt has co-authored 20 published articles with Lafayette students, a rarity in other undergraduate programs.

+ And a whole lot more...
Relish Life on the Hill

Relish Life
on the Hill

Life on the Hill rocks! Students have created 250 organizations, from our championship College Fed Challenge and Quidditch teams to the Kayaking Club and campus radio station. We have the big energy of Division I athletics and dynamic art, theater, and music programs. All that activity takes place on a leafy, stately campus of gorgeous historic buildings and fabulous science, arts, and athletic centers. Proximity to New York City and Philadelphia means career-shaping internships and job-shadowing experiencesat leading companies in business, finance, the media, the arts, and more.


Our Home City

Easton’s mayor says few cities have as good a relationship with a college or university as Easton does with Lafayette. This thriving city of 30,000, part of Pennsylvania’s third-largest metro area (the Lehigh Valley), is home to great restaurants, a beautiful riverfront, and a vibrant arts community. Our students have learning opportunities in Easton through sustainability projects, service learning, and joint redevelopment efforts. And all this just 70 miles from New York, 60 miles from Philadelphia, and less than an hour from the Pocono Mountains and outdoor activities — making Easton a great place to live and learn.

Join Grads

Join Grads Doing
What They Love

A powerful chapter in the Lafayette story is the success of our alumni. A few of the high-profile paths young Lafayette alumni have taken: producer with The Today Show; laser communications system developer for the Navy; Harvard law student; specialist with Sotheby’s art auction house; computer scientist for Facebook; advertising director of Macy’s; Stanford Ph.D.; lobbyist on Capitol Hill with IBM. Big dreams and careful preparation through Lafayette’s academic program, leadership opportunities, and a unique career guidance program that students can start in their first year is our secret.